sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009

Abou me...

This entrie is in some way a presentation, because my profile options are not enough to describe nobody... in fact a brief entrie is not enough too, but let's ty it!

I am 30, geologist, mountaineer... well, and many other thigs, but in these first two I spend the most of my time.

Nowadays I am working in my PhD Thesis in IGME (the Spanish Geology Survey), about remote sensing applied to contamination in sulphur-mining areas detection , specially in south-west Spain, where it is a serious problem. In the following picture you can see what I'm meaning...

All these reds are due to iron oxydes transported by acid waters (REALLY acid waters (pH=1-2); these waters are also able to transport heavy metals (Cadmium, Arsenic, Cobalt...), that are really dangerous for environment and human health. In IGME I sarch for ney ways to detect an know the temporal evolution of this kind of contamination. I also colaboraborate with DLR (German Air and Space Agency), Nantes University (France), Japan Geology Service and CSIRO, in Australia. In this link you have more information about this fascinating work.

Oh, this one was taken in Morocco, while a working with La Rioja University; we were working in dinosaur footptrints. It was a really good experience, with very nice mates from Rabat University and various spanish universities too.

About Mountains, I've grown un in them, I love them. I think they can provide you things that "city live" cannot. I'll put here some pics... I should create a Facebook profile, or something like that... but I think I wouldn't have enough time to mantain it properly, and also don't like very much Facebook or other social networks because I prefer spend my time having a beer with my friends, not in front of a computer screen (like all my working day). I also desagree with the aiming of social networks: "the highest number of friends you have, the coolest you are". I deeply disagree. Well, few time ago I joined in DevianArt, but I think I still don't have enough good photos to upload... well, when I get more experience with RAW processing and Photoshop I'll put some good photo. Yes... I know, I know... it's not a competition, it's only a place where you can show your artistic work, but when you see these so amazing photos... oh, it's unavoidable to feel shame for your crappy work.

Well, here you have some mountain pictures, I hope you like them:

This one was taken in the summit of Torres, between León and Asturias, next to the San Isidro ski resort. It was a great climbing, with Pedro (on feet) and "Turbo" (lying). It was the firs time that Turbo climbed a mountain using alpinism gear, and he did it pretty well. You get a very good feeling when you show someone mountains...

I like very much this one; it was taken in the Almanzor summit, in Avila. I (left) am with Harry, the REAL "Unorthodox Alpinist". We have been climbing together for about six years... oh, I could tell you so many fucking extrem mountain surviving experiences with this dude... But don't get fear, we also have climbed beautiful and enjoying mountains, with a smile in the face, and without worrying about difficulties or bad weather.

Anyway, tha's no all, of course. I'll continue putting more things about me (it's the aim of blogs, isn't it?) in this so abbandoned blog.

See you!